At you can order flowers, wines, cakes and gifts at any time of the day. When placing an order, you agree to and accept the terms of delivery below:


How to order flowers?

In order to purchase the goods / services offered by Ajania, it is necessary to add the preferred goods / services to the cart, and then place the order.

If you have individual orders, or you want to make changes in the order, you should call us at +37491880068 and order flowers according to the changes you mentioned, or send a message to our Instagram or Facebook page. Please note that the order is not subject to change after approval, so any offer must be made in advance.


Flower delivery price list

Flower delivery prices are subject to change depending on the shipping address. In Yerevan the delivery costs 1000 AMD, in the regions it changes according to our delivery price list. The amount to be paid consists of the cost of all the goods in the basket and shipping costs. In case of any new order or change in the current order, we can automatically send notifications to your specified e-mail address, where we present the prices of the goods / services.



The invoice includes the details of the customer, the recipient and the total cost of the order. It is attached to the delivered package. Sales coupons are with the courier. Since in most cases we deliver to the addressee, not to the order registrar, the shipper returns it to the salon. The customer has the right to go to our store at any time and to pick them up. However, if the order is delivered to the order registrant, the coupon is attached to the invoice.