If I am not satisfied with the flowers delivered, what are my rights?

If the flowers are delivered badly, damaged or not as described in the description, the buyer has every right to return it and demand 100% compensation for the product. In Ajania, such cases are almost impossible, but below we will present the situations under which the buyer can return the goods.


The flowers look bad, damaged, not fresh

The ordered flowers are delivered according to the delivery terms of the company. The seller is responsible for the flowers before they are delivered, providing the delivery conditions so that the flowers reach the recipient in the same good shape and freshness as they were when they were sent. However, if for some reason these conditions are violated, the seller will return the product and will compensate 100% of the product. If the product is reported to be in poor condition after delivery and acceptance of the goods, the seller has every right to refuse the return, as the flowers may spoil after acceptance due to improper care.

If the reason for rejecting the order is that the packaging is damaged, the product is replaced or fully reimbursed, including shipping costs.


The flowers were delivered late

The seller is responsible for delivering fresh flowers on time. However, during the delivery, situations may arise (traffic jams, crowds, etc.) and the delivery may be made later or earlier than the specified time. Delivery time is adjusted with the customer and the recipient of the order. Early or late delivery will be notified in advance. However, if the goods are delivered so late or early that the customer cannot accept or does not agree to the order being delivered to a proxy (neighbour, colleague), they can return the goods.


The flowers do not match the description

In the absence of some seasonal flowers, changes are made to the bouquet or composition. The seller undertakes to inform the buyer in advance in case of any change. The buyer can also make changes by contacting the seller and mentioning this. In any case, the seller has the right to take pictures before delivery and inform the buyer about the changed version. If, after approval of the changes, the buyer nevertheless rejects the product, he is obliged to pay the shipping amount, as he was informed about everything else in advance.


Few flowers were delivered
If the buyer ordered 20 roses and received 14 instead, he can refuse to accept it and demand a refund. The seller is obliged to offer a quick change of product, return of 14 roses and 20 delivery. The buyer has the right to change or demand a 100% refund.



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