The personal data (e-mail, account number, shipping addresses, etc.) provided by you to us when placing an order, opening profiles, subscribing to news, are stored for personalization of data. The mentioned data are not provided to other people and entities, except for the cases defined by the RA Legislation.

The passwords you choose are stored encrypted in our database and our staff cannot see them. You can sign in, change, delete or add information to “Your Profile” at any time. All this is available and visible only to you.


Card and personal data entered on the payment systems page during online payments are not available to us and cannot be stored in the database. We do not receive or retain any information about your bank cards or accounts. These payments use modern security measures to ensure the security of personal data.

Any data available to us may be removed from the database at your request.


In case of other questions, you can call us at +374 91 88 00 68 or send an email to